Monday, December 10, 2012


During a recent conversation, a friend of mine inadvertently created a malapropism. For those needing a refresher, a malapropism is when you substitute a word with a like-sounding word for comic effect. Oftentimes this substitution is accidental, like my friend’s, but it can also be intentional (mainly by writers with a humorous bent).

An example would be “Statute of Liberty” versus “Statue”.  
An example would not be “I wish you were dead” instead of “Hello”.

Famous people who have made a career out of malapropisms are Yogi Berra, Bil Keane of Family Circus fame and former President George W. Bush (known as “Bush-isms”).

Which brings us back to my friend. Instead of saying, “I like you in general”, my friend said, “I like your gender.” And there was much laughing.