Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Yesterday, I mentioned that I traveled to New Orleans. Well it was for training with four  co-workers, who were a good group. Or so I thought.

The trip went fine and we all split a cab to the airport. A buddy and I got our boarding passes early and headed through security, where I, per usual, opted for the pat down* instead of the machines. By the time I was cleared, the other members of the group had caught up and cruised through security.

Because we were early, we wandered up and down the whole terminal looking for a place to eat and eventually found one. Then, when we got to our gate, we saw some other co-workers from another office were also on our flight. So I was surrounded by about nine people who I had met before.

I mention these details because when, on the flight, I got up from my seat, a fellow passenger motioned to me and told me that someone had pulled the classic "sticker on your back" routine. It was a nametag with the culprit's name emblazoned on it.

When I exited the plane in our stopover location, I confronted the person, "How long? How long have I been wearing this thing?!"

"Since before security".

So the TSA agent who patted me down didn't mention it.
My co-workers from my office** didn't mention it.
Not a single person in the whole airport.
Nor my co-workers from another office.


*Why turn down a free massage?
**To be fair, I respect that they didn't.