Friday, July 26, 2013

In flux, ad infinitum

Here’s my problem with holding up ancient tomes as gospel: Things change. People today quote from the Bible or the Koran or the teachings of Buddha as if they were written at the peak of humanity and human understanding. The same with the Constitution of the United States of America: What did the Founding Fathers intend?

Did Jesus or Mohammed or Buddha know how to drive a car? Did George Washington? Nope, nope, nope and nope. None of them knew how to do something the average sixteen year old knows how to do today. Does that make them stupid? Of course not. But it does show just how much they didn’t know.

Change is scary. Change can be dangerous or harmful. But not changing can be harmful, too. There is a certain safety in thinking that laws are immutable, like gravity (so far, so good). But when it comes to human beings, that assurance will never be guaranteed.

We live on an ever-changing planet in an ever-changing universe. To believe that we have it all figured out is just foolish. We need to embrace the foundations of the past and build on them for the future.

Today is July 26th, 4,540,002,013.