Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Stranger encounters

Some friends of mine and I were sitting at a sidewalk table on a bright sunny morning when the nicest guy in the world walks up and enthusiastically asks to pet my friend's dog. The whole time he's laughin' and chucklin' and soon asks if the dog can do any tricks. My friend says that he can shake and lie down. I joke that he can slobber, to which the guy says, "just like Obama!" Then he laughs and walks off without explanation.

Then on Monday, I was in a cafe bathroom washing my hands when the guy next to me yells out, "Enjoy your stay at the Hilton," and leaves. I was not staying at a Hilton. To my knowledge, there weren't any Hilton locations nearby. The man was not wearing anything associated with said hotel. So the only logical explanation is that the man was psychic and I will soon be staying at a Hilton.

But hopefully not next to Obama. I hear that guy slobbers.