Friday, September 13, 2013

Book Review: Girl w dragon tattoo who played with fire and kicked the hornet's nest

Books Reviews: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Who Played With Fire, and Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest), By Stieg Larsson

The Premise:
Ace reporter, Mikael Blomkvist, investigates a mystery that brings him into contact with Lisabeth Salander, a reclusive computer hacker with an even more mysterious past.

The Good:
Mr. Larsson keeps the action moving and creates an impressive amount of fleshed-out characters along the way. He isn’t one to shy away from putting those characters in uncomfortable or even dangerous situations and that makes for a gripping yarn. The writing style is easy-to-follow and descriptive, but not laborious. While this isn’t particularly challenging literature, it is robust enough for a hearty summer’s read.

The Bad:
Dragon Tattoo has several explicit/graphic scenes that are not for the faint of heart or squeamish. After that, Fire and Hornet’s Nest are a bit easier to take—there is still violence, but it’s more in the vein of action-adventure. Because of the length of the books, some of the subplots seem rather unnecessary (there is a subplot in the third book that seems like it was created just to give one character something to do).

The Verdict:
Read ‘em. If you can handle some explicit violence early on, you’ll be rewarded with a fully realized story that moves briskly though its three acts.