Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top 13 Underrated Movies

Reviewers of all kind—movies, books, restaurants, et al.—should list out their favorites—let’s say top 13—so that the audience can know whether or not their tastes will match up. Even better, reviewers should create multiple lists based on each genre and include these with every relevant review*. Furthermore, these lists should be organic, as tastes inevitably evolve over time—what was thrilling in our youth is oftentimes cringe-worth to our present day selves. Which will probably be the case when I look back on this list a year from now. Or not.

1. The Life Aquatic

2. Hot Rod

3. The Fountain

4. Lars & The Real Girl

5. Stranger Than Fiction

6. Sunshine

7. Beer Fest

8. Once

9. The Ghost Writer

10. The Visitor

11. Son of Rambow

12. Vicki Christina Barcelona

13. Gone Baby Gone

*Tangentially, I am surprised that movie reviewers remain unspecialized in a particular genre. Most feel qualified to review any movie that crosses their screens. While this is fine for the general public, I expect more from someone whose job it is to provide context and not just opinion (yours truly), which, sadly, is exactly what most reviewers provide.