Thursday, May 3, 2012

Caveat Emptor

Yes, that is, in fact, Latin for “Let the buyer beware”. Nice job, readers. I mention this obscurely popular phrase because one of a trend I’ve been seeing lately in stores and in the Sunday ads: the Non-Sale. What is the “non-sale” and how do you say that in Latin? For the latter it’s Nullis Venditiones, of course. And for the former, it’s when a store places a sticker on the shelf that looks an awful lot like a “sale” sticker, but is actually a sticker that features the regular price, hence the “non-sale” designation. But it’s not just in the stores either. People are so used to thinking that the products featured in the Sunday paper are on sale that they believe all of the items featured are on sale. Now, if you feel that the item is at a good and fair price, then buy away. But I do find the practice to be dishonest. So the next time you’re at the shelf and see a lot of things suddenly on sale, do what I do and repeat after me: Caveat Emptor Nullis Venditiones*.

*Okay, I don’t actually say all that in the store. I do say E Pluribus Unum though.