Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Power of One

I recently hosted a sushi party where I taught some friends how to make inside-out sushi rolls. Since I was recently in Japan, the natural assumption was that I took a class while over there. Not true. I actually learned from a woman I used to date, who wasn’t even Japanese.

Which got me to thinking: What else have I been exposed to through dating that I wouldn’t have sought out on my own*?

·      Swing Dancing. During the height of the lindy hop resurgence, a woman and I signed up for a class that lasted longer than the relationship. While we now dance to different tunes, I at least know a few extra moves for the dance floor.

·      The Power of One, by Bryce Courtenay. A woman I dated read this book religiously every year. It’s about the power one person has to shape and influence another’s. Quite appropriate, don’t you think?

·      Rock Climbing. Taking a relationship to the next level can be frightening. Especially when you can see where you’re going to land. Fortunately, this was one situation where it didn’t hurt to be a bit … clingy**.

·      Vegetarianism. I’ve dated several women who are vegetarians. While I still eat a fair amount of meat, it has been beneficial to try new dishes and look at food from a new perspective.

*Insert STD joke here: _____________________.
**You’re starting to piece together why I’m still single, right?