Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Bill of Contradictions, right?

Can you really be a supporter of the First Amendment if you block your Facebook friends? Even the crazy zealot-y ones who make no sense?

Can you be against the Second Amendment, but still root for the kid in Christmas Story to get his Red Rider BB gun at the end?

Can you call yourself an American if you’ve forgotten what the Third Amendment is? Seriously, who knows this one?

Do you give up your Fourth Amendment rights if you join a social network? Did I miss the memo/tweet/posting that nullified it?

Is drunk texting covered under the Fifth Amendment? It’s silent, right?

Can you really expect the Sixth Amendment to be enforced by a government that can’t even figure out its budget from month to month?

Is it hypocritical to demand your Seventh Amendment rights, but skip out on Jury Duty? What if you really hate boring trials?

Can you support the Eighth Amendment, but still force your friends to come to your poetry reading?

Could the Ninth Amendment be our greatest right, even if we don’t understand what it means?

Can you be a supporter of the Tenth Amendment if you don’t live in Washington or Colorado? What about in your grandma’s brownie recipe?