Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Just 20 minutes a day.

Did you know that in as little as 20 minutes a day, you can have the perfect body you’ve always dreamed of? It’s true. And when we say, “20 minutes a day”, we’re not talking about the prep time it takes to pick out and put on your workout clothes. Nor are we including the travel time to the gym, which, honestly, will probably add another 20 minutes, if traffic is light. That also doesn’t include the time it takes to check in with the chatty front desk lady (super nice) or the time to find a locker without stuff inside of it (gross). And that’s if the machine you want is available and not taken up by some sopping-wet heaving mass of middle-aged fading glory. No, if that’s the case you’ll probably definitely have to wipe down the machine, which, as we’ve established, adds up. But hey, you’re on the machine and for 20 minutes you’re changing your body for the better! Just 20 minutes—any machine! Okay, full disclosure; we didn’t include the backend either. Whoops! If you like showering in front of people—good news—you can save time by showering at the gym. If not, well, it’s gonna take you another 20 minutes to drive all the way home, shower—we’ll assume an American 10 minutes—get dressed and primp for about 30 minutes, and then on to your next destination, let’s say your job, so that’s, what, another 30—carry the one—90 minutes. So as long as you’re up by 5 a.m., you should be there on time. Actually, you better set the alarm for 4:30, just in case. The body of your dreams doesn't involve actual sleep—that's just a figure of speech! And it can be yours for just 20 minutes a day!