Thursday, October 3, 2013

Stan “The Man” Musial deserved better.

A friend of mine, an avid sports memorabilia collector, told me about an upcoming auction for a wide range of Stan Musial autographed baseballs, game-worn jerseys, signed photos, magazines and the like. Y’know, stuff baseball fans would want.

What I wasn’t expecting were the personal items. Now, I’m not one to quibble*, but I feel like memorabilia should be related to the field of accomplishment to have meaning. Stan Musial became “The Man” for his accomplishments on the baseball field. I do not remember him being a particularly notable fashion plate or even gaining much notoriety for his fashion sense. If he owned a fashion label with a clothing line, I’ve never heard of it. In short, I don’t believe he was known as Stan “The Man known for his noteworthy fashion sense” Musial.

If you find all of this to be a bit disrespectful, I apologize. I, too, find it disrespectful. Stan Musial is and was one of the greatest Cardinals baseball players to play the game. So I find it downright unconscionable that people are trying to profit from every item the man ever touched.   

For instance, these five sweaters worn by Stan Musial.

What? $1 opening bid?

Now, my history is a bit rusty, so my sincere apologies if these sweaters have some sort of significance that render them noteworthy. For instance, if he wore them during his Hall of Fame induction ceremony. But if not, for shame.

I would hope when my time to leave this moral realm transpires that the persons closest to me would take me to a well regarded taxidermist, dress me in a tailored Superman suit, pose me like I was flying and hang me from the Rotunda in our nation’s capitol. And after that, they’d have the decency to sell off all of my worldly possessions and donate the money to an appropriate charity.

Except for my sweaters. Those suckers are going to be worth millions** one day.

*I’m totally one to quibble.
**Not guaranteed.