Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The people on TV never watch TV.

Sitcoms are designed to entertain. I have just written the obvious; I know. Week to week we pop into characters' lives and bear witness as they experience some event, hopefully noteworthy. Usually the action is fast-paced, the friendships steadfast and the banter crackling sharp, witty and perfectly timed.

However, I'd be interested to watch one week where the rhythms and emotions are closer to real life. Notice I said "one week" because, let's face it, sitcoms are designed to entertain. But during that week, I think it'd be fascinating to see a group of characters struggle to have a conversation because they've known each other so long that they have nothing new to talk about. Or to hear the awkward pauses that occur when people don't have a blistering quip at the ready to make the group laugh. How would the characters interact when they aren't acting as characters, but real people who sometimes have good days and bad? What new "adventures" would transpire? The adventure of scrolling through Netflix after work to find something, anything to watch? Riveting! The adventure of reading a book while doing laundry? Hilarious! The adventure of working out at the gym surrounded by a bunch of people at or below your fitness level? Scintillating! The adventure of not fighting with a loved one because you had a long day at work and just want to go to bed already? Sweeps week!