Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Adventures in Corporate Morality

There are currently two cases in front of the U.S. Supreme Court regarding the Affordable Care Act, its coverage of birth control and the rights of corporations to exercise their religious beliefs. You read that correctly: the right of a for-profit corporation to exercise ITS religious beliefs. Not a non- or not-for-profit entity. What a country! One of these corporations is Hobby Lobby, which is openly Christian and goes so far as to close on Sundays.

This Thursday is the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s a holiday that celebrates the coming together of people of different backgrounds and faiths at a communal table. For as long as I can remember, Black Friday was the big shopping day of the year, with all sorts of “door busters”. Then, over the past few years, more and more corporations started opening earlier and earlier until the sacred midnight hour was recently breached. Now, a significant number of retailers will be open Thanksgiving night and it wouldn’t surprise me if they were open the entire day next year. For the record and from what I can tell, Hobby Lobby will be closed on Thanksgiving and will open at its normal time on Black Friday.

So I wonder: which is worse? Is it worse to work for a corporation that imposes its religious views on its workers, but observes holidays as they were intended? Or is it worse to work for a corporation that may not impose any religious views, but fails to observe national and state holidays?

The answer is that our government should stop dicking workers around and start protecting them. Duh.