Thursday, January 23, 2014

Squalor has a new flavor. What happens next will amaze you.

Don't let the festive packaging fool you--not a party in every pouch.
I recently dined at a ramen-themed food truck and immediately became nostalgic for the classic college staple that helped build, nay, sculpt my body into the temple it is today*. That food truck ramen was delicious. This Mexican-"Oriental"** hybrid, nay, confluence of flavors was ... interesting.

Let's look at the superlatives:
1. Hot & Spicy. There was a little zest and it was temperature hot. Did I have to mop any beaded sweat from atop my bald head? No.
2. 0% Trans Fat. I'll give the benefit of the doubt since there isn't much cost-cutting room in a 20-cent item, right?
3. Picante. I assume this is a red and/or green pepper of Mexican and/or Southwest origin? I saw some red flakes, so YES!
4. Chicken. No.
5. Picante Chicken. Now that would be interesting! I picture a chicken wearing some sort of festive shirt with ruffled sleeves. I promised amazing and I delivered!

Let's look at the scorecard:
Taste: Check.
Value: Yes!
Superlatives: The best!
Trans fat: No!
Nutritious: Questionable.
Ill: Surprisingly, no.
Regret: None.
Recommend: Sure.

*That image in your mind ... you're welcome.
**Seriously, STILL one of the names of the flavors.