Thursday, September 6, 2012

Notables from expeditious vacation

I recently vacationed in the Pacific Northwest and will now share with you some of the more memorable high points and low, which I will leave for you to sort out.
1.     The woman sitting next to me who spent the whole trip from Dallas to Seattle puking into a bag held tenuously over her boyfriend’s lap.
2.     The quaint, little Ferris wheel that now adorns the Seattle skyline.
3.     Family, of course.
4.     Concerts in the park on a crisp, bright summer’s eve.
5.     Failed and successful time-lapse movies created with my fancy-schmancy new-ish camera.
6.     A surfeit of supplies from my Mother’s cupboard.
7.     Not having enough time to see more than one friend and publicly stating that I will rectify any slights, explicit or implied, soon.
8.     The Richard Sharpe series of books—quite possibly the best and most consistently entertaining airplane books ever (Series review forthcoming)
9.     Playing hide-and-go-seek with my friend’s two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, whereupon she hid in the exact same place three times running, and, who upon waking the following morning asked, “Are we going to [That Tad Guy’s] house?” Adorable. And no.
10. Returning home, immediately jumping into an online fantasy football draft and subsequently drafting two rookie QBs—failure, thy name is jet lag.