Monday, September 24, 2012

TV, you fickle mistress

This week is the official launch of the network television fall season. It’s the time of year when the weather starts to cool off and you* don’t feel bad about hunkering down in front of the old boob tube with bag of snack treats and an alcoholic beverage of some variety.

But if you came here looking for a roundup of the best new shows, you’re out of luck; I’m full up on my shows**. 

So where am I going with all these words and typing and stuff?

I recently watched a show that I will describe like this: “a show with two strong female comedic leads and an ethnically diverse cast.” This description applies to both “Two Broke Girls” and “Best Friends Forever”. The difference is that only one of these shows is watchable and it’s not the one that’s still on TV.

Two Broke Girls is flat out terrible. It has easy jokes and too many of them are racist. It’s TV of the lowest common denominator: the equivalent of a 2-liter of off-brand soda. It does nothing to elevate the medium or the people watching it.

Best Friends Forever wasn’t a perfect show, but it was well written and, more importantly, funny. It had a diverse cast, but didn’t make race a point or a punch line. Unfortunately, it lasted only six episodes before some Harvard MBA replaced it with reruns of The Voice or something.

So, this fall, if you’re unsure of which shows are worthy of your time, ask yourself this one simple question:

Are you a slovenly, soda drinking racist or a lovable terrorist-hating American?

*I mean you literally. I don’t do those things. Maybe, y’know, get a hobby or something?
**HIMYM, New Girl, Modern Family, Community, Parks & Rec and Fringe—a little over two hours of TV via Hulu, which is still less than one full NFL football game