Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ugh. Are we really this gullible?

I've done something outrageous. I've clicked the "like" button for all three political candidates on Facebook. If you haven't done it or are afraid to do it, let me tell you something: you are missing out on some comedy gold. Getting three completely opposite takes on issues? How is that even possible??

First, let me say that Gary Johnson's staff needs to get better at social media. Facebook is a visual medium and just linking to links aint gonna work, bro. We the people want super reductive posters that distill the issues down to easily understood "facts".

Take this poster from Mitt Romney.

No way! Really?! The earth has flown around the sun 3 and 3/4 times too. Should we attribute that to him as well? Help me understand great leader.

Or this poster from Barack Obama.

Is "what's wrong with this picture" that it compares the tax rate for Capital Gains (Form 1040*, line 11, Schedule D) to the tax rate on Wages, Salaries, Tips, etc. (Form 1040, line 7, W-2)? Did I get it right? These strange numbers confuse and frighten me.

Look, I get it. Attack ads supposedly work. But should we let them? "Like" this poster if you like thinking for yourself.

*I suspect that Mr. Romney actually fills out different or additional forms since the income was significantly higher than $100k