Monday, October 29, 2012

What I learned on my impromptu vacation

Last week, I was on vacation. You probably discovered this fact when you came to this site and saw my note saying as much. At this point you probably felt a rush of emotion ranging from sad to happy to exultation to mild annoyance to sleepy and finally apathetic resignation. We’ve all been there.

And to answer your first and only question: No, I didn’t go anywhere—unless the hardware store multiple times a day counts as a vacation destination*.

Since every moment is a teachable one, here are the things I learned:
1.     It takes about four days to stop thinking about work. You know the routine: You think about looming projects when you wake up, you check email several times a day, and you can’t fully relax because you have a gnawing sense you’re forgetting something. Yeah, that wears off by Tuesday for me.
2.     The weather doesn’t take a day off. Plan all you want: Mom Nature don’t take no reservations. So be prepared to pour that concrete on Wednesday and clean out your basement on Tuesday instead.
3.     There will be blood. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving heavy furniture or hanging a picture of a kitten, you will always end up bleeding at some point.
4.     Green Lantern was a rather disappointing movie. The CGI was surprisingly rudimentary and the plot was surprisingly overly complicated. Swap those two around and you might have something worth watching. Moonrise Kingdom was pretty good though. See that.
5.     When it comes to Halloween costumes, don’t get cute. I felt bad about recycling a past costume—Charlie Brown—so I thought I’d update it with a sheet with holes cut out of it—Charlie Brown going as a ghost. Pretty Meta, right? Also, pretty stupid waste of time when the first friend I talked to said, “What are you … a holy ghost?” Off with the sheet. On with the fun.
6.     I love me some naps. That’s not code for anything**. I took a 10-minute nap every afternoon and it was awesome. Seriously, you should close your eyes more often.

*It doesn’t.
**Actually, it’s code for lightly dozing on my couch.