Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2 Negative

My last two blog posts have been somewhat negative regarding two products that have an ostensible market. Instead of adding a few drips of vitriol with a dropper, I seem to have knocked over the bottle and saturated the page.

Therefore, as a counterbalance, I want to share a slightly more joyful story. Or a creepy one. You decide!

I had a fever dream--okay, not off to a great start--of a woman I had met on a backpacking trip a lifetime ago. For some reason her name popped into my head.

Even though she is from a country halfway around the world and speaks a different language, I figured I search for her all the same.

My first result came up nil. However, the search engine suggested a similar name. I clicked the link and it brought up search results for a pornographic film actress. This at once shocked me, titillated me and made me imagine a scenario where our brief, platonic encounter had gripped her with such desire--both compelling and vacuous--that no amount of meaningless on-screen intercourse would ever make her whole.

Like I said: fever dream.

That lead being a dead-end, I tweaked my spelling and discovered a few photos of her. Or in common parlance: Google stalked her. From the brief snap-shot I gathered, she is well, still in her country of origin and actually works in film--on the other side of the camera in a non-pornographic capacity.

In the future our past will always be revealed in our present.