Monday, March 17, 2014

GTA Photo Journalism

A buddy of mine convinced me, after much reluctance on my part, to buy the mature-themed video game GTA V. While the single player version of the game is probably fun and all, he and I have only been playing the online version and it's pretty amazing. The game takes place in a fictional Los Angeles and it's ridiculously expansive: Oceans, mountains, jet fighters, you name it. One of the best features is a fake Instagram app in the game that lets you take photos and selfies using various filters to post to friends. Most of the pictures are of questionable subject matter--dead people, explosions, strippers--or selfies in front of cars, dead people and strippers. Like I said: (im)mature.

Therefore, being the subversive I am, I thought it would be funny to take more artsy photos within the game. Enjoy.

a-MAZE-ing, right?

Not all of the bodies are idealized.

Ah, the old "floating bottle" trick

This isn't by me. It's of "me" getting tagged by a truck. Photo credit: Sparkels.