Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The 99-cent-ers

Here's what happened: I was at a grocery store and the sum total of my purchase equaled $6.01. Let me be more specific: I was at Whole Foods. Why is that important? Because they have a policy* where the cashier asks you if you want to make a donation to some charity. It's not that I'm opposed to making donations or to charities, but I don't feel like the checkout line is the place to make--what I would hope would be--an informed decision about where to send my dollars. But there I was and the question was out there.

"Would you like to make a donation to XYZ charity?"

I decided to decline the opportunity. And maybe what happened next is Karma. Or maybe it was a jerk move by the cashier. But he, too, I felt, had an opportunity right then and there. He could have made a one-penny donation to me, his fellow man. But instead he decided--and I've never actually seen this happen before--to count out the full 99-cents!

Give a penny, take a penny?

Indeed, Karma. Indeed. 

*Perhaps "initiative" is a better word? How about "well-meaning, but annoying interaction"?