Monday, January 23, 2012

These words entitle you to nothing.

On the latest episode of Parks & Recreation, guest star Paul Rudd plays a character used to getting everything he wants. He believes because he wants something that he is entitled to have it.

This sense of entitlement is something I’ve seen a lot lately. People seem to think I owe them something. Outside of basic common courtesies, like not giving them wet willies or wedgies in public, I don’t.

Right now, you are reading my blog. In fact, you are reading it for free. This is an important point—no money has changed hands. We have not engaged in a transaction.

While it is true that I have made a commitment to post a new article each day, I DO NOT OWE YOU AN ARTICLE A DAY. You are entitled to nothing.

That might sound harsh, but the beauty is that it goes both ways. YOU DO NOT OWE ME A THING.

So where does that leave us? Right back where we started at the beginning of this article. I write what I hope will be interesting to you and you decide if you want to come back or not. If I fail to post articles or post things you don’t like, you can stop reading. That, at least, is something to which you are entitled.