Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stop. Drop. And Post.

I’m continually impressed, when a natural disaster or crisis strikes, at the presence of mind people have to share things with their social networks as they are happening. Some of my favorites.
·      OMG! This hail is really coming down HARD!
·      OMG! A tornado just passed over my house. Sirens going off!
·      OMG! I think I’m about to be punched in the fsaslk;g
·      OMG! Locusts!
·      OMG! Aliens!
·      OMG! Zombies!
·      OMG! The snow is just piling up. There’s got to be at least 10 feet out there.
·      OMG! Taxes due tomorrow. IRS for realz???
·      OMG! The condom just broke.
·      OMG! My phone is being stol