Thursday, March 29, 2012

Addictive Apps

I got an iPhone*. I know, I'm just as shocked as you are**. But regardless of platform, I've found smartphone apps to be a bit of a crap shoot. When I was in Japan, I thought I would need to use all sorts of translation apps, but it turns out I needed more game apps (to pass the time on the train) than anything else. Also, this topic is probably hi-jacking a potential post by my buddy over at Dan's Nutshell, but he's got other things occupying his time right now. Where am I going with all this?

My recent favorite apps/games (some maybe on the Android platform):
1. LoseIt!--This app lets you set a weight goal and reach it by tracking your daily calories and exercise. There's a robust food library and even a barcode scanner to access nutrition information. And it's free!
2. Delta Airlines--The first and best use of QR codes. Check in as you wait in the security line and use your phone as your boarding pass. Just make sure your phone is fully charged.
3. Jetpack Joyride--A free game that you can play entirely with one finger. Perfect for when you are, um, in disposed.
4. Photo apps--I like Instagram, but don't like that you have to belong to a whole separate network. For the money, free, I like Camera Awesome: same types of filters, but without the network.
5.  G-Strings--This free violin*** tuner is amazing and easy to use. Goodbye tuning fork.
6. Triple Town--This free game is so addictive**** that I had to uninstall it from my phone. Drop dead simple--just match three like items to create one new item--but with uncanny strategy.
7. The Game of Life--this app is not great. And it should have been free. But it does allow for up to four players to play and the engagement level is low, so it's decent for passing the time on a train.

*I should say "bought", but I like to keep you guessing.
**My HTC Hero was fine, except for the battery life ... sucked.
*** Yes, I play the violin.
**** You have been warned.