Monday, March 26, 2012

Blogging, road warrior style.

I had the best intentions; I was going to provide thrilling updates to my friends, family and readers as I traveled throughout Japan. Greeting each person each morning would be a fresh set of pictures and even a video blog that detailed my travels and travails. And then reality set in.

1. Wi-fi is great, if you can find it. I didn’t have an international data-roaming plan for my phone, nor was I going to invest in one. Nope, I was going to just jump on Wi-fi networks all around Japan—one of the most wired countries in the world. The only problem: the directions and registration pages were in Japanese.

2. If you login from another country, you must be a hacker. Well, at least the security works on your favorite social networks. I tried Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and, yes, Blogger and all of them asked me to verify my identity. One small problem: I didn’t remember any of the answers to my security questions. Whoops.

3. Editing video is a pain on the road without the proper equipment. Even the best shots can sometimes be compromised by an unexpected train whistle, surprise visit from a deer or a camera battery suddenly dying. And without an easy to use editing option, it’s oftentimes just easier to wait until you get back. Plus, waiting also saves your precious battery life … for taking more photos and video.

4. Sometimes the best solution is to put the camera down. What good are memories if your memory of your vacation is just you trying to capture the memories? Living in the moment and not worrying about “likes” or “retweets” means you can actually experience your vacation before you share it with the world.