Friday, March 30, 2012

Through vs. Thru

Maybe it’s because of all the text messaging I’ve been doing, but I find the word “through” to be padded out, like an umpire with a chest protector under their blues. It just feels like we’re sticking with a spelling structure that’s overstayed its welcome. Would there be any confusion if we just did away with “through” and replaced it with “thru”? I doubt it; Americans still seem to be able to find their way “through” the drive “thru”. Is this an elaborate ruse perpetuated by the nefarious Auto-Correct? I’m not ruling it out.

The only time Thru vs. Through might be confusing is when used in conjunction with the word “out”, as in “throughout”. When written as “thruout”, it doesn’t read, thus necessitating the aide of a helpful hyphen: “thru-out”.

Let’s look at the PROS and CONS of making a permanent substitution, shall we?

Less confusion with its cousin “though”
Quicker to write, type or text
Reads just like its spoken

Looks weird when standing next to “out”
Seems a bit unfinished, aesthetically

There you have it! My unscientific process has once and for all determined that we, as a society, are thru with through!