Friday, March 22, 2013

Book Review: Feeding a Yen, By Calvin Trillin

The Premise:
New Yorker staff writer, Calvin Trillin, reminisces about some of his favorite dishes from around the world.

The Good:
Mr. Trillin is a tour guide with a wry sense of humor and a passion for all sorts of dishes, ranging from the local and conventional to the far away and exotic. He is prone to hyperbole, but readily admits his biases and moves on. His prose is easygoing, yet descriptive to the point to where you have to run your sleeve over your mouth, lest any drool puddle on the page. Simply put: Mr. Trillin would be an exemplary dinner party host—the kind with the ever-ready story that begins, “This one time, in New Orleans …”

The Bad:
This is a book about food. Do not read it on an empty stomach or if you are trying to maintain a diet of any variety.

The Verdict:
Buy it and read it. Preferably with a sandwich in your hand. Or a risotto nearby.