Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Book Review: The Private Eye, Issue #1, Brian K. Vaughan/Marcos Martin

The Premise:
In the future, everyone wears masks and the paparazzi are private eyes.

The Good:
Love the premise. The story is a modern-day/futuristic noir thriller that moves the action along. And the art is fantastic. Designed for tablets, the action features bold and vibrant splash pages.

The Bad:
Like all comics these days (hey, I grew up in the verbose-laden heyday where words overwhelmed the artwork), it's heavy on art and light on words (which is fine), so it can be zipped through in less than 10 minutes.

The Verdict:
Buy it. Best of all, Mr. Vaughan and Mr. Martin are following the Radiohead model of "name your own price". Full disclosure: I paid $1, which I feel is a fair price, considering I can get a song for $.99 and an hour-long comedy concert from Louis CK for $5. Plus, the series is only supposed to run 10-issues. So $10 for an hour and half of reading--cheaper than a movie!