Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fun with the Sun

Perhaps you’ve seen pictures or videos along these same lines—our sun is massive when compared to Earth, yet miniscule when compared to a select assortment of gigantic stars. Those stars make our sun look like a teeny-tiny pea next to an exercise ball. Which got me thinking …

·      Are the planets that orbit those gigantic stars proportional to the star?
·      If so, would the aliens on those planets be proportional as well?
·      If life exists on other planets, what percentage is proportional to our own?
·      Is Marvel Comics’ Galactus based on a true story?
·      Are there stars that swing towards the other end of the size spectrum?
·      Is there a star that’s smaller than Earth?
·      Smaller than moi?
·      Are the planets small, too, with super small aliens and even smaller and cuter kittens?
·      Could we eventually harness the power of that small star to travel to another galaxy?
·      How much wood could a space woodchuck chuck if a space woodchuck could chuck wood in space?