Tuesday, September 6, 2011

An homage to The Onion: University wishes Alumnus had less pride in school.

SEATTLE, WA—A graduate from the University of Washington caused a stir on Tuesday when he affixed a purple “W” decal to the back window of his faded and rusted 1990 Honda Accord.

“Officially licensed vanity plates and license plate covers are nothing new, but most people usually have a vehicle worth having some pride in first—like a Lexus or Mercedes or at least a car from this century,” said UW Head Coach, Steve Sarkisian.

“While we always encourage our alumni to have pride in their alma mater,” said UW Athletic Director, Scott Woodward, “we feel there are more appropriate ways to express that pride, like with a check or donation.”

When told of the situation following the Huskies’ victory over EWU, UW President, Mark Emmert, said, “Look, while we appreciate the thought, no one is going to come to the University of Washington because they saw a window sticker in the back of a Honda Accord. Especially not that one.”