Monday, September 19, 2011

What I’m watching

You don’t need the Emmys to tell you what’s worth watching. You just need an Internet connection and the ability to read awesome words. Also, I never remember the names of episodes, so I just kind of vaguely describe them. As you can see, I'm not looking to add any shows, however, if anyone is digging one of the new shows this season, let me know and I may check it out.

Louie—More a series of short films than an actual TV show, Louis CK elevates the medium—and humanity—to new heights. Hilarious, unflinching, heartfelt and, oftentimes challenging, this show is nothing but honest. Favorite episodes: All of them.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia—And then there’s this show. Crass, offensive, obscene, immoral and depraved? Yes. Fearlessly funny and unpredictable? Without a doubt. There isn’t a topic or situation that “The Gang” isn't afraid to tackle or round kick to the face. Unfortunately, I don’t have cable and have to wait for Hulu to air them, so I'm always behind on the watercooler chatter.
Favorite episodes: Dayman, The Dance Contest, and War Eagles.

How I Met Your Mother—This show should have been four seasons long. It’s on its sixth (or seventh?), but Neal Patrick Harris’s “Barney Stinson” is legen … wait for it … dary. Favorite episodes: Slapsgiving, The Bracket, Robin Sparkles

Modern Family—The most traditional of the shows (even with a homosexual couple) is still a pretty consistently funny one. If I had to write a slogan for the DVD cover, it’d be “Zany with a touch of heart. $14.99.”
Favorite episodes: Halloween/Spiderman, Manny’s Date, Fizbo.

Community—Genre-bending. Week to week this show is redefining what a sitcom could be and should be. Is it a bit overacted? Sure. Does that just make it more endearing? OF COURSE!!!
Favorite episodes: Dungeon & Dragons, Paintball Wars, The Trampoline one

Parks & Recreation—I have a confession to make: I’m only through season 2. And I resisted watching it for a long time because I felt it was a retread of The Office (USA). But people kept recommending it to me and I’m glad I caved. There’s not a weak link in the cast and the show just keeps getting funnier and funnier.
Favorite episodes: Ron “F-ing” Swanson, Tom Haverford’s divorce, 94 meetings

Fringe—Yep, not caught up on this one either. So feel free to ruin it for me. But this finally feels like a J.J. Abrams show that works and will have a satisfying resolution (Alias fell off after season 2 and Lost was divisive).
Favorite episodes: I don’t even want to mention them because the less you know, the more you’ll enjoy this show.

Burn Notice/Chuck—These shows are pure popcorn. Spies save the world and/or Miami on a weekly basis, with over the top action sequences and witty banter to boot? Affirmative.
Favorite episodes: Every single season finale. Always cliffhangy!

Breaking Bad—Flat-out the best, most intense drama on TV. It takes a few episodes to get going, but once it hooks you, you’ll never forget it. Unfortunately, I don’t have cable, so I have to wait for the DVDs, but I am caught up through Season 3.
Favorite episode: The Basement one, Heisenberg, Fly