Thursday, November 3, 2011

Book Review: Tales Designed to Thrizzle v. 1, By Michael Kupperman

The Premise:
A collection of individual issues, from the comic book of the same name, designed to “thrizzle” the reader, i.e., thrill them into a frenzy of laughter so that they tinkle.

The Good:
Bizarre. Smartly done. Incredibly well crafted. Flat-out funny. Enviable.

Einstein and Mark Twain paired as a detective team because of their similar looks?

Snake & Bacon paired together because they make a similar Hsssssss sound??

A man whose super power is to become a banister named The Manister???

Yes, yes, a thousand* times yes!

The Bad:
This book hasn’t been adapted into a major motion picture. And Mark Twain died before he could read this book. And that print media is a slowly dying artform.

The Verdict:
Buy. Now. Definitely lives up to its premise: Thrizzling from start to finish! I almost** want to suffer amnesia so that I can experience this book again as though it were the first time.

*Actually, probably more like 10-15. I can’t really see myself saying ‘yes’ 1,000 times during a book review.
**Selective amnesia, re: this book.