Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I’m putting the NO back in November*. That means no more Halloween candy. No more gluttony. No more beer while watching the game. No more putting off workouts. No more trimming my beard. No more swearing. No more back alley Craps games where the winner gets to pick which finger you lose**.

In essence, no more fun.

But that’s what makes this newly invented tradition*** so worthwhile. If I can power through NO-vember, with the mother of all hedonistic holidays**** on the calendar, then I can survive anything.

Because think of how much more meaningful December, with all of its decadence, will be? Santa’s lap will be softer. Eggnog can be consumed guilt-free. Even snow will taste sweeter.

Ah, yes, it’s a new day of a new month. Fresh, clean and … kind of cold.

*It’s actually been there the whole time. I was just being “clever”.
**To be fair, I never really did this to begin with, but this post seemed to need some drama.
****That would be Thanksgiving, unless you live in Washington D.C., then it would be Election Day.