Monday, October 31, 2011

Top five things you should know about winning a World Series.

1.     Get there early to get close. I didn’t have tickets to Game 7, but since I lived in the host city, I knew I wanted to watch in a place that was close, but not too close to the action—in case I wanted to run down to the stadium afterwards (which I did).
2.     It doesn’t matter where you watch the game. By the time I got off of work and downtown, all of the best sports bars were standing-room-only. So my friends and I settled on an Irish bar with lots of TVs. It didn’t matter because, by the first pitch, even that place was packed. And every place in town went nuts anyway.
3.     Be prepared to high-five … a lot. That was the most bizarre part of the whole thing: everyone wanted a high-five. After a certain point, we’d just throw up both arms and plow through a crowd like it was a tunnel.
4.     Forget cabs. At one point, a guy holding up his nearly passed out girlfriend asked me to help him call a cab. It rang and rang and rang. I pointed them to the nearest Metro stop and wished them luck.
5.     People get crazy. I will never forget the sight of a hefty woman, kneeling on all fours on the hood of a car in the middle of the street, her skirt hiked up around her armpits, shaking her rump to the cheer of the gathering crowd. Go Cardinals!