Thursday, April 19, 2012

Comedy Review: Mr. Universe, By Jim Gaffigan

The Premise:
Comedian Jim Gaffigan attempts to make an audience laugh over the span of 75 minutes (using the $5 direct-download model pioneered by Louis CK).

The Good:
Mr. Gaffigan is flat-out hilarious. I found myself crying from laughing too hard and actually stopped the video several times—no hyperbole. And on paper, it’s the most mundane subject matter: fast food, going to the gym, staying in hotels, etc. Even more impressive is that he rarely swears; it’s pretty much family friendly comedy (definitely not the same sort of comedy as Louis CK). Mr. Gaffigan is a comedy veteran who knows what he’s doing and makes it appear effortless, especially when slipping in and out of his signature voices.

The Bad:
Fans looking for the next “hot pockets” or “sea cow” routines aren’t going to find it here—that’s not to say it’s not an entertaining special, it's just not as distinctive as some of his earlier stand-up topics. Also, the special could probably lose one of the fast food routines (sorry, Domino’s) and not suffer for it. 

The Verdict:
Worth the $5 ($1 goes to some charity). Download it or give it as a gift at