Thursday, April 5, 2012

Home Remedy

I once had Athlete's Foot*. It was not pleasant. Or easily curable. I bought the sprays. I bought the salves. I even put the balm on. But to no avail.

Then That Dad Guy** suggested I try duct tape. I laughed. And then I tried it.

Each day, after I showered, I'd adhere a new piece. Some weaker brands failed to stick, but I finally found a brand (which I've since forgotten) that stuck throughout the day. Slowly, day by day, the fungus shrank until, finally, one day, it was completely gone. The theory was that the duct tape choked it out like a wrestler at Summer Slam X. 

So the next time you run into something that you just can't seem to beat, put a little duct tape on it. Who knows? That chest cold you have might just be cured with a little of that magical gray adhesive.

*Insert joke here.
**A.K.A., my Father