Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Good Ad vs. Bad Ad

Apparently, this is the time of year when new cars come out. I’ve surmised this from the slew of car commercials I’ve been seeing lately. Most are completely forgettable because they don’t really have new news to share other than “hey, new car”.

I’ve chosen these two because they actually have features that could make a difference in the decision-making process (as opposed to “heated cup holders” … patent pending).

The first commercial is for Cadillac and it’s based on a very real insight that most people would assume Ferrari is the innovative company and Cadillac is the follower. By calling out that this is not the case, and using it as the big reveal, it makes the viewer reconsider ALL of their preconceptions about Cadillac. Or at least take a second look at them. As for the magnetic-track-mumbo-jumbo, it sounds impressive enough to seem like it’s a valuable and viable point-of-difference, regardless of whether or not it actually is one.

The second commercial is for the Chevy Volt. The Volt is an electric-gas hybrid. One of the call-outs in the commercial states, “Volt drivers average 900 miles between fill-ups.” WHAT??? That’s pretty big news! Especially with gas prices currently in the $4-5 range. Instead we’re given tepid dialogue like this, “I care about my car … because I think it’s a cool car. I think it’s stylish and makes a statement at the same time.” Really? Hate to break it to you “Adam”, but you are not the arbiter of “cool”. I do not look to you to tell me what’s cool. I want to know that you are saving enough money every year that you can blow it all on stupid crap, like edible t-shirts or heated cup holders. I want to know that this car isn’t a big hassle to keep charged. Can you do that for me, bro?