Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gluttony, thy name is Delicious

I recently went to Vegas. And, while I’m not supposed to talk about what happened there, I will tell you what I ate there. Buffets. Four in four days. Yes, dear readers, I indulged in the sin of gluttony. So, if you are so inclined to follow my feastings, I figured I’d share with you my rankings.
1.     Spice Market, Planet Hollywood Casino—Great variety and not a bad bite in the place. You know how you’ll take a few bites of something and go “eh, I’m not finishing this”? Not here. Everything was delectable. And the service was outstanding.
2.     Le Village Buffet, Paris Casino—This one had the best ambiance, but we were there for breakfast, so I had to skew it down a bit in the rankings. The highlight of this buffet was the crème bar—tres bien!
3.     Bellagio Buffet, Bellagio Casino—This is a solid buffet with a diverse selection, but the hour-and-a-half wait time made this one hard to praise. Great food, but eat ahead of time … for a buffet. I would recommend that they take a page out of the Disney handbook and make the wait in line as entertaining as the ride.
4.     All-World Buffet, Rio Casino—Billed at the “Best Buffet in Vegas, year over year”, it wasn’t. We had the second longest line and, while the food and selection were fine, the service was incredibly slow.