Thursday, August 23, 2012


Did you know there is a word for “excessive devotion to one’s wife”? Not spouse but wife. It’s “uxorious”. Triple word score. I came across it in a book like an explorer in the wild. “What is this strange, heretofore unknown object?”

Likewise with the word “ewer”. It makes sense to have a term for a “wide-mouthed pitcher for holding water”, and it is closely related to the word “sewer”, but it’s not a word to which I was previously acquainted.

“Slipperlick”, “oubliette”, “rumbustious” these are words which I have stumbled upon and over. And for the curious, they are essentially a suck up in a secret dungeon with an opening in its ceiling who is feeling rather boisterous and/or unruly.

And how can the word “lugubrious” be so fun to say and yet mean “dismal or mournful”?

It is all so very LOL.