Friday, August 3, 2012

Have you noticed?

In watching the Olympics, I've seen a lot of political ads. And the trend I've found most interesting is that few candidates are listing their political affiliation. Sure, each ad is still swathed in red, white and blue, but there isn't the customary "Candidate X, Office, Democrat/Independent/Republican". I'm not sure if this done in an earnest attempt to get voters to pay attention to the candidate and their message or a duplicitous way of hiding affiliation until the last minute. Probably a little of both.

What is refreshingly consistent is that the ads are aggressively negative. Candidate X may have murdered his own mother, but at least he's not a member of that one political party you don't like ... as far as you know.

Oh, and as a bonus, I've recently tried a new beer out of St. Louis, brewed in Wisconsin, called "American Patriot" beer. Their mission is "Taking back America ... one beer at a time". From whom? From beer burglars, I guess.

Does it taste like freedom? In a manner of speaking, yes. They say freedom isn't free and that your freedom incurs a cost. Well, my friends, I now know what that cost tastes like--Capitalism laced with opportunism. And it's disgusting.