Friday, October 7, 2011

Album Review: Finest Hour by Patton Oswalt

The Premise:
Mr. Patton Oswalt tries to make you, the listener, laugh through the use of his voice, inflection, pacing, stories and observations from his life as both a human being and a newly made father.

The Good:
Recorded in Seattle, Mr. Oswalt seems to really connect with the audience. The energy and pacing of the album has the easy grace of a dinner party, with more chortles, guffaws and W00Ts. He is clearly at the top of his game and each bit is well crafted without actually feeling crafted. The set pieces with the most effective laugh-per-minute ratio and bang-on observations were:
·      The Miracle of Sweatpants
·      The Dumb Gay Friend
·      The Ham Incident
·      The Weight Loss Plan
·      The Bonus Track

The Bad:
I’m sure the nerdiest of the nerdy fans will be disappointed that Mr. Oswalt has pulled back on the sheer number of esoteric references in his routine. This didn’t bother me; it’s just worth noting.

Also, while most of the observations were as razor sharp as ever, there were a few bits that didn’t feel as nuanced or as original as they could have been.
·      The Invisible Anus
·      The Vomit Bag
·      The Best Comedy I’ve Ever Seen

The Verdict:
Buy it if you can handle some swearing. And laughing. Besides, it’s only $8 on Amazon.