Friday, October 21, 2011

Costume 5: PLINKO

Yes the popular The Price Is Right game. I took some screen grabs, printed everything out to scale, and tacked it all together using foam core, clear plastic, dowels and a hot-glue gun. For the PLINKO discs I used poker chips.

“This is going to be awesome!!!” I said to myself in the mirror, as I’m apt to do when awesome things are nigh.

And on the big night, things were awesome for about 15 minutes. That was until I ran into another PLINKO. That’s right: two PLINKOs at the same party. What are the odds? It’s not like someone had died on the PLINKO board. Or there was a PLINKO movie coming out*. Or Drew Carey was retiring the game forever. No, it was just the most random coincidence of our generation or possibly of all time. And that’s why this costume was the most awesome of the awesome.

*Summer 2015