Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Don’t know how to celebrate America’s favorite German holiday? Don’t worry: nobody else does either! So grab a traditional beer and brat and try out one of these untraditional themes:

FLOCKTOBERFEST—Seagulls are to Germans as seagulls are to Americans: delicious. And great when paired with a pretzel dipped in sea salt.

JOCKTOBERFEST—Dust off your old letterman’s jacket and relive your high school glory days with the annual “punching of the nerds”.

KNOCKTOBERFESTKnock, knock? Who’s there? Your new favorite annual tradition. Add a knackwurst for more hilarious fun.

MOCKTOBERFESTYour aim is so bad, your friends call you Adolf Miss-ler. That’s just some of the fun that awaits you when you mock the ones you love, German-style!

ROCKTOBERFEST—Um … no. Unless it involves throwing rocks at the people who have wronged you within the past year. Then … Ja!

SPOCKTOBERFEST—Live long and … party!

WOKTOBERFEST—Face it, China is taking over everything, anyway, so why not get a jumpstart on the trend by combining bratwurst and stir-fry?