Monday, October 17, 2011

I’ve been a gangster, farmer and Frankenstein monster.

Finding the right Halloween costume isn’t hard … for me. For you, dear readers, it might be more of a challenge. Have I had some stinkers in my past? Sure. Do I regret dressing as Kurt Cobain, only because I had long blond hair at the time, mere months after he took his own life? A little.

But my pain can be your salvation. This week, I will be presenting my Top 5 favorite costumes.

Here are my patented Top 4 questions to ask when choosing a costume:
1. Will it cover my face?
2. Will people “get it”?
3. Is it timely, yet unexpected?
4. Will it hide “The Sexy” (usually my calves or elbows)?

If you’ve answered “no, yes, yes, no,” congrats: you have the perfect costume!