Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Costume 3: The Bee

According to the tag, this costume was intended for 2-4 year olds. I was looking for a last minute costume with a buddy of mine and we were desperate. We were literally on the way to a party and it was find a costume at Walgreens or die. I looked long and hard at it and finally said, “I think I can squeeze into this thing.” I did and it was hilarious. There was a little stinger on the back and with the hood raised my vision went from 180° to 120°. And it was basically a half-shirt, coming down to mid-waist.

The first year I wore it, my stinger was molested repeatedly and my buddy’s sister thought I was gay. I don’t think she understood how “the Birds and the Bees” worked*.

The second year, I went to a Halloween party that coincided with Game 5 of the Detroit Tigers vs. St. Louis Cardinals World Series. When the Cardinals won, there was no hesitation: we had to go downtown. So we went. And it was amazing. We were minor celebrities and it was ridiculously easy to find each other.

Me:                    Has anyone seen Rainbow Brite?
Stranger:            Was she with an Iron Sheik?
Me:                    Yes!
Stranger:            They went that way.