Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Bucket Special

Most Americans sharing beer at a bar or restaurant will order a pitcher. There’s not a lot of mystery here: draft beer tastes better and the patrons get a discount for buying in bulk.

In St. Louis, beer is served in buckets. Or rather, bottles placed in buckets filled with ice. Why? No clue. Maybe the hot summers?

Wastefulness aside, the problem I have with the “bucket special” is this: it’s not a standard unit of measure. Is it five beers or six? Five beers for $15 isn’t really a deal at $3 per. Six beer for $15 is $2.50 per, which means you basically buy five at $3 and get one free. Better deal? Clearly.

So STL, figure your stuff out. When I see the words “bucket special”, I should know exactly what it is that I’m ordering for breakfast*.

*I kid. I'm more of a brunch guy.