Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All I want for Christmas is … more variety.

I was recently given a mixed holiday CD. “Nice gesture,” you might say. Or, “How thoughtful.” And you would be initially right and then horribly, painfully wrong. It was a CD assembled by a committee of people with disparate tastes and sensibilities. I know that Christmas is a time of togetherness, but sometimes Run DMC just needs to sit at the other end of the table from Jessica Simpson and Justin “Shortie” Bieber.

The CD was a disaster. But it got me to thinking, as I’m oft apt to do, and it made me realize that while it FEELS like there is an overabundance of Christmas/Holiday music, there actually ISN’T a lot of NEW music*. With some exceptions, most original artists churning out holiday albums these days are merely acting as glorified cover bands. Few are actually writing or performing wholly original music. And, unfortunately, when an original song does come along and get popular, like Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is Tad**”, someone*** comes along and covers it until it’s unbearable to hear ever again.

So if I have one wish this holiday season, it’s this: $1 billion in cash. But if I have two wishes, then it’s that everyone in the whole world write more holiday music.

**The original title
***Specifically: the Cast of Glee