Friday, December 2, 2011

Yogurt, yo.

Just like you can bake bread without a bread machine*, you can make yogurt without a yogurt maker, but if you want a dedicated machine, then the Euro Cuisine Automatic Yogurt Maker does the trick nicely. 

When I made my first batch, I followed the instructions to bring the milk to a boil, let cool, add yogurt, pour in jars, set timer, plug in and wait. I'll be honest: it was a hassle. So after reading up on the process and making a few more batches, here's what I now do:

-buy skim milk, measure out 48 oz.
-add a cup of non-fat powdered milk
-add a jar of yogurt from a previous batch
-set timer for 12 hours and turn on (overnight)
-put lids on jars, cool in fridge and go to work

The higher the fat content, the fewer the hours needed to cook. But all of the yogurt comes out nice and thick (not Greek yogurt thick, but regular thick). I add frozen fruit right before eating, although there are instructions for adding them in at a different stage of the process.

I'd rate the machine higher, but the on/off switch doubles as the light and I forgot to turn on the machine once because of it**. 

*yes, you can actually bake your own bread
**surprisingly, the yogurt still turned out okay