Monday, December 12, 2011

Brunch Pants (tm)

Artist's rendering of Brunch Pants (tm)
By now you know that this site is like the Mississippi River of websites--awesomely majestic, constantly flowing and a great source of random flotsam and jetsam. But could you possibly comprehend that today you would see an idea so incredible, so amazing, that it would turn your whole conception of reality on its head and/or ear???*

I give you (with the help of my brunch crew; respect): Brunch Pants (tm). This project is in the experimental stages, but--if successful--will absolutely change brunch as you know it**.


Is that elastic in the waistband and at the ankles? Yes. Our highly made-up brunchologists have determined that both swell throughout the course of each of the courses, of course.

Are those printed patterns of breakfast foods? No. They are of brunch foods.

There's no way that someone was genius enough to put plastic linings IN THE PANTS to take home and/or smuggle buffet food, right? Wrong. We are that genius.

Aren't those just a take-off on weight-lifting pants from the late 80s/early 90s? Maybe. But we can 100% guarantee that no one who wears these pants will ever workout.

What will be the estimated cost of these amazing pants? Right now, our estimates are between $25-$753 retail.

*No, no you didn't.
**That's a heads up, Nobel Prize committee.