Friday, December 16, 2011

In ___________ We Trust.

2011 seemed to be the year when we lost our trust*.

The government lost the trust of the American people.
America lost the World’s trust.
The dollar is no longer the most trusted currency worldwide.
The 1% lost the trust of the 99%.
We lost trust in banks and stocks and bonds and anything other than gold.
No one trusts China. Or the media.
Fewer and fewer people trust God, any god.
We can’t even seem to trust the food we eat or the air we breathe.
And, as Penn State proved, sometimes we can’t even trust each other.

So what can we trust? Who can we turn to in 2012? Can we trust ourselves?

Trust your gut.
Trust in life.
Trust in the inevitable march of time.
Trust in 4 billion years of evolution**.
Trust that Hollywood movies will always be over budget and underwhelming.
Trust that a man being hit in the nuts will always be funny. Always.
Trust that a monkey will always pee in its mouth when it’s on camera.
Trust that everything will work out okay.
Trust me, I’m a professional.

*And trust funds, if you were so lucky to have one.
**Or 4,000, if that’s your thing.